info villino

The keys of the villino and the remote control of the garage, you will find in the safety box that is next to the main door. The code to access the safety deposit box will be communicated to you on the day of arrival.

The villino Spada has a Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi is called CASA SPADA and the password is “underwood”.

Under the sink you will find the wet waste and dry waste non recyclable. In the laudry room you will find cans for paper, plastic, metals and glass. The municipal waste carts are close to the villino (see the picture in the right). To open the municipal waste carts you need a key that you find next to the boiler.

In the garage there some free bicycles. There are also two helmets, chains, a pump and some tools to adjust the height of the saddles.

The check-out is at 10:00am, if you need a late check-out, please advice the owner and he will try to do his best. Please leave your villino clean, place the garbage in the waste carts close to the parking bikes, close the lights, the heating and air conditioning, leave the safe open and put back the apartment key in the safe box next to the door.

The leaving area and the bedroom have each their own air conditioning operated by a remote control. For environmental reasons please turn it off if you are out of the apartment. The apartment’s temperature cools down quickly even if it’s very hot outside.

There is a 3Kw power limiter switch on the electric panel in the villino. It allows to keep the usage of the home appliances under 3Kw. If you hear an acoustic signal from the electric panel it means that it’s necessary to turn off one or more home appliances. If eventually the switch turn off completely the electricity it’s necessary to manually turn it on. The main switch is at the entrance on the left side.

The water in the villino is already available (open). If you see some leaking please shut down the water valve behind the main door or in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink. 

The gas is used both for cooking and for heating. Under the kitchen sink there is the gas valve while under the boiler in the laundry room there is the heating gas valve. The general throttle valve is located in the box next to the garage entrance.

The washing machine has the water valve closed, please open it before using it and close it when finished. The washing powder tabs are available in the bathroom. Download here the manual in PDF.

The dishwasher is over when the lights on the floor turn from red to green (with an acoustic signal). The dishwasher tabs are under the kitchen sink Download here the manual in PDF.

The safe instructions are on the wardrobe shutter. If you forgot your code or you lost the key, please call the owner who will give you more instructions.

Nespresso has complimentary coffee pod and has two positions, one for the espresso and the other one for American coffee or cappuccino. The heating time for Nespresso machine is 30 sec so please turn it on just before using it. You will select 40 ml for espresso and 110ml for American coffee.

The TV is Full HD 55 “satellite, the TV is smart and already connected to the WIFI.

We know it can happen! Please if you break something let us know immediately so we can manage it before your departure. Thank you


Each apartment has a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, if it starts ringing check immediately if there is some smoke or flame, open the windors and turn off the gas and the electricity.

With small flames please use the fire extinguisher available inside the apartment. The 1 Kg fire extinguisher for fires type A,B and C lasts 10 seconds and it is in the laundry room.

In case of emergency please call 112